Disability Sports Humber becomes official charity 1169629 - Disability Sports Humber
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Disability Sports Humber becomes official charity 1169629

Disability Sports Humber becomes official charity 1169629
Over the last 5 months Disability sports Humber has gone through a massive rebrand which will allow the charity to support over 300 disabled people in sport. We now have a new trustee board and a new look to go alongside it so the charity is ready to go. 

Disability Sports Humber, which is run by volunteers, needs your support now. We are a charity that receives no grants from the council or the NHS, we are run by donations that allow us to support 100s of people. The charity is starting with no money, 100s of people benefited from the support we gave as Wheelchair Sports Hull and now we must do the same again as Disability Sports Humber. We are still trying to bridge the massive funding gap, which is around £30,000, so your donations and fundraising is needed more than ever. We can’t achieve anything without your support, sport is more than just kicking a football around, it means so much to disabled people and it can often be a break for some from the stresses of life.
We are now coming up against some of the biggest hurdles the charity has ever faced which could leave many people left without the support they need. Please share and make sure you like our page because without your support 100s of disabled people will be unable to continue the sports that they love and enjoy. More information on the task we are facing will be given out very soon.
Daryl Jones, Charity Manager. 

‘We had to change from Wheelchair Sports Hull because Humber needs us. We currently support 300 disabled people in the area and this will go up to about 500 in Humber. We needed to change to attract more sponsorship so we could keep supporting disabled people in sport. Over the last 5 months we have been working hard to make sure we have a charity that means that no disabled people are pushed out of sport because of lack of funding.
I would also like to thank 360 accountants who have worked with us to make sure we have everything in place. The charity will be fully launched at the end of this month and we hope that the Humber will get behind the charity. Sport is one big family and many of you will know that it really is more than just keeping fit. However it’s not cheap, for example sports chairs can cost about £2000-£5000 and have to be specially made for each person. Could you live without sport? Unfortunately many disabled people are facing that prospect thanks to a major lack of funding and we want to change this.’
The new charity board is a mix of people from disabled and business community coming together to make Humber the heart of disability sports. To find out more details or to find out about ways of supporting email: daryl@disabilityportshumber.com