Do Sport 4 Sport campaign

By 10th July 2017 No Comments

Today we launch our ‘DO SPORT 4 SPORT’ campaign where we are looking forward to getting Humber moving. We are asking the people of Humber to get moving to support Disability Sports Humber, a charity that supports disabled people in sport.
So, what is the campaign all about?
In the Humber region disabled people are faced with a massive funding gap of over £100,000 every year which we try to bridge. This Summer ( July-September) we are asking everyone who can to get moving, with many targets to aim for. All you need to get involved is a smartphone or smartwatch that shows how far you have run or walked.

 Each week you can send in your screenshots of how far you have walked or run or wheel to our email, also we’d love to know what your goal/aim is:
We are having medals and t-shirts specially made for the following distances:
1 mile

10 miles

26 miles

50 miles

100 miles

150 miles

200+ miles
To sign up just email us with your name and contact details, we ask if you could raise at least £50 on Virgin Giving. You can set up a page by heading over to Virgin Giving and selecting Disability Sports Humber when setting it up. If you need any help doing this then just send us a message! Please send us your link so we can keep track and promote your fundraising! We’ll also need your address for when you are finished so we can send you your t-shirt and medal.

www.virginmoneygiving.com – search for Disability Sports Humber and the event called Do Sport 4 Sport