Simon got his new wheels thanks to Disability Sports Humber donation

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In recent months we have funded some amazing projects and people and one of our grants was to Mr Simon Berry who urgently needed a new wheelchair tennis chair. Simon had fundraised and got number of grants from Spine Fund/Sammi fund, he was just £600 away from getting his new chair. Luckily for Simon, Disability Sports Humber were able to step in and make sure he can keep on playing the sport he loves.

Simon, who is well known in the disability sports community, feared that he would have to stop playing wheelchair tennis after his previous chair broke. Wheelchair tennis is one of the fastest growing disability sports and we are currently working with partners to set up some taster sessions for anyone that wants to give it a go.

Daryl Jones – Charity Manager of Disability Sports Humber

“We’re a fairly new charity and we try to make sure that everyone in Humber can access sport. Together with other partner charities we are making sure that the Humber is a leading force in disability sports. The grants programme is open for any disabled person in the Humber area that wants to get into sport. If we can’t help then we can try and help through our partner charities. Sport is magical in so many ways, it breaks down so many barriers that disabled people face.’

If you want to find out more about the grants or how to get involved then email Daryl daryl@disabilitysportshumber.com

Simon Berry

‘It is essential that we have charities that support different causes, living as a Disabled person is more expensive than mainstream. I can understand why equipment is more expensive, this dude to demand and most Disabled items are bespoke. This is why charities that support disability is important, in this case if I was to play tennis in main stream I’d need a racket and trainers a few hundred quid. However for me I need a tennis wheelchair costing thousands. What I’ve been able to do is get small amounts from three charities (this is so I did not drain one) and do a fundraiser myself, making it possible to buy the chair. These charities are vital in supporting disabled people to have a better quality of life, and reach their potential in their chosen sports.’