Georgina is racing ahead thanks to Disability Sports Humber

By 28th September 2017 No Comments

Georgina Lord has been granted funding toward a new racing chair. The chair she previously used was only on loan from Athletics England and so after the loan ran out she was facing the prospect of having to give up on the sport she loves.

Thanks to the money raised for Disability Sports Humber, we were able to step in to fund a new racing chair for Georgina.

Daryl Jones – Charity Manger

‘Thanks to the public donations, we enable hundreds of disabled people to access sport. The funding allows us to give grants to sport clubs and individuals to get into or keep in sport.

With many sports chairs costing over £3000, we try to bridge the gap to allow disabled people to access the magic of sport. ‘


To find out how you can support us or about our grants email daryl@disabilitysportshumber.com