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Wheelchair Rugby

What is Wheelchair Rugby?

The game is started with 5 players per side and is made up of two forty-minute halves in Super League and two 30 minute halves in Championship League.


As in Rugby League the ball must always be passed backwards.


Tackles are made by removing opponents’ tags which are attached with velcro to the players shoulders. Or, if they don’t have a tag on by touching their shoulder. Or stopping their forward progress whilst reaching for the opponents tags, heavy contact with the front of the chair is not allowed, you are not allowed to make contact with the back of a chair or impact sideways into an opponents wheels. These rules enable people of all ages to participate and enjoy the game which is what this game is all about.


All players use standard basketball chairs to play the game in, we do not use the same chairs as in Wheelchair Rugby, that is a very different game.


Wheelchair Tag Rugby League is played indoors and the playing area is set up in the same way that the running Rugby League pitch is set up. The game is refereed by two match officials on each touchline and 2 in goal touch judges.


You play the ball to start the game by touching the floor with the ball and passing to a team mate. If through size or disability you cannot reach the floor you may start by touching the wheel of your chair. The same rule applies to try scoring.
The aim of the game is to score a try at the opponents end of the field, good chair skills and ball handling as in the running game are vital in this game too. Once a try is scored then a conversion can be attempted by hitting the ball with a closed hand of a raised kicking tee.


If a player falls out of their chair for any reason the game is stopped so that they can get back into their chair safely but the aim of the game is not to fall out of your chair as this can mean stoppages in play which can be frustrating and lost game time as well as potential injury.


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